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RE: 85 5kcs hard starting

On Thu, 25 Jan 96 09:54:48 PST  Thomas Gomer wrote:

>I've got an 85 5000CS (non turbo) that take 35 to 40 seconds of cranking to start. I figure it 
>is in the cold starting circuit because it only happens when it is cold. Hot starting takes much 
>less time. I have verified that the cold starting valve works and also replaced the thermo-time 
>switch. I suspect the frequency vale relay, but do not know where it is. I have read other posts 
>but it exact location was never revealed.
>I also have a brake pad wear light that is on all the time. Is this a normally closed or 
>normally open circuit?
>This is my wife's car. She loves her Audi but is gun shy after being stranded several times by 
>her 85 Quatum Turbo Diesel (Thank goodness this one is gone). Otherwise her car runs just fine 
>after it is started. It can out accelerate my 89 Mercury Cougar (V6) and she likes this.
>Any help on these matters would be appreciated.
>							Thanks,
						      Tom Gomer		
I have a few more things to add.

1. I have check for voltage at the cold start valve connector during cranking and do not see any voltage.
2. I have replace the thermo time switch with a new one.
3. I have checked if the cold start valve is putting out any fuel and it is not.
4. I have OHMed out the wires running from the cold start vale to the thermo time switch and they are good.
5. The Haynes manual(not a good manual but I got it with the car) I have, talks about the frequency valve relay controlling 
the thermo-time switch, but says nothing of its location.
6. I am testing these things at 30F with a cold engine so the thermo-time switch and cold start valve should work.
7. I have received a few responses that I should here the frequency valve making noise. I hear the idle stablization valve 
runing when I turn on the key.(If I am not mistaken, it looks like a little fuel pump on top of the valve cover 

So it appears that my cold starting curcuit is not working. My guess it is some relay or connector.

I will be thankful for any info!

					       Tom Gomer	 

P.S. Thanks for all the help this brake light question. It appears that some other wire is broken.
Name: Tom Gomer
E-mail: exutogo@exu.ericsson.se
Date: 01/29/96
Time: 16:53:49

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