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Re: quantums for sale

Your suspicions are correct; the VW Quantum Syncro used an Audi all-wheel
drive system.  It was only imported to the U.S. in wagon form, although it
was available in Europe as a sedan.

Interestingly, Quantums (or Passats as they were called even then in Germany)
have always sold mainly as Wagons in the mother country.  About 75% of them
are wagons, and the owners of the wagons are younger, richer, and "more
desirable" as customers than the relatively older and poorer sedan buyers.
 For whatever reasons, wagons don't have the stigma in Germany that they grew
to have in the U.S.

Other VW Syncro models (Vanagon in the U.S. and Golf/Jetta in Europe) used a
viscous coupling based all-wheel drive system.