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das verdammnt auto ist kaput

Or something like that.  You know... I install loud horns,
nice stereo, euro lights, and how does my car repay me?
Over the weekend my car started running rough (misfiring).
I checked for obvious things but nothing showed up.  I did 
notice I was low on coolant and oil, so I added those.
Then, yesterday, the car was still rough but started smoking.
A LOT!!!  Like in a James Bond movie, so much damn smoke I stopped
traffic in both directions.  I drove it up to the mechanic
to leave it for the week, and got a flash of the oil pressure light.
So I stopped, added all the oil I had in the car (I figured with 
all that smoke, it had to be low!) and noticed...weird... no lights,
no horn, no wipers but I had dash lights and parking lights and
the car was still running.  Then the fan kicked on and suddenly my
lights came back.  When I got to the mechanic's and parked, it
did it again, this time I heard a relay under the dash click on
and the lights returned.  She's possessed.

I'm fearing the worst here.  I poked around that engine for an hour
and while I saw signs of some oil leakage, that doesn't explain the
misfiring and smoke.  Though rare, I could have blown a head gasket 
or something.  Oh, the engine was tapping too (maybe because oil was
low).  Anyway... I'll keep ya posted.  I *have* been wanting to 
throw in a TQ engine you know...

See, the Audi gods even frown on the listmeister from time to time.


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