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5000 *CD*

Several postings indicated that the "D" in "CD" ought to stand for 
diesel. Well, thats logical, but.....

In Germany, as in other parts of Europe, "CD" is an abbreviation for the 
French term Corps Diplomatique, or Diplomatic Corps (why the French say 
everything backwards I'll never know :^) ).  

Diplomatic service is prestigous, and "CD" was used by Audi to indicate 
that the car was luxurious - that is, was top-of-the-line in terms of 
trim (but not necessarily in terms of the engine). For example, my 
German-spec '81 100CD had, in the words of the salesman, "everything gold 
and electric."  I think this meant electric windows, power locks, and a 
manual sunroof.  Gosh we're spoiled with luxo-crap here!

Jason Douglas
Networking and Communications Systems
MITRE Corporation