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Quest for a Quattro...

	Dear fellow quattro enthusiasts, whew...  I've been trying to help
a friend locate and puchase a used 200Q in and around the southen N.H. , 
Mass and northen R.I./Conn area.  He's left his name with just about every
dealer and we've hit most of the bigger import lots without much luck. 
There's quite a few wagons (which is what I want but can't afford right
now) but not much in the sedans, or, what we have found has had MAJOR miles
on them. (which doesn't scare me, I've gone over 180k on my 4kcsq) 

	IF anyone happens to spy anything in a used 200Q could you please
send me a note. Again, we're in central Mass...

							Thanks, Tom.

P.S. Hurry, he's getting desparate and is talking about 325ix's YUK !