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5kT: Idle/full throttle switch

I had heard people talking about failures in the switches that indicate
idle and full throttle positions to the ECU, so I decided to test the
one on the '885kCSTQW.  I found that the idle switch worked fine, but
I never got a switch closure on the WOT switch.  I disassembled the 
switch to find that the moving contact was bent in such a way as to 
never make contact.  I bent the moving contact so that now the WOT
switch works.  I was extremely surprised to find the moving contact
bent the way that it was and can't figure out a mechanism that would
cause it.  Have those others of you who have done the same surgery found
the WOT switch failed in the same way?  

I'd recommend that others should check the functionality of the WOT 
switch on their cars of similar vintage ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)