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more on dead engine

Just thinking out loud here...
I called Mobil and they said it's pretty unlikely that the
thinner oil caused this damage, since there is not much difference
between a 5w30 and a 10w30 oil at running temperature.
(Also, as I pointed out to them, if the car would smoke because of
thinner oil, wouldn't that happen at startup when the oil is cold?)

I did think of another possibility after chatting with John 
Malick - I added some oil to the car on Sun (the day it started
running rough) and perhaps I overfilled it.  OK, so wouldn't the
excess oil just burn off and things return to normal?  I can't see
the third plug's tip breaking off because of that, and I can't
see my oil level drop considerably because of that.  I 
did notice oil leakage around the manifold yesterday, when I was
trying to figure out what was wrong, but couldn't see where it came
from.  Would this be a sign of the overfilling perhaps?

Grasping at straws...

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