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'90 CQ suspension

I've got a '90 coupe quattro and have done some suspension mods.  I put on 
H&R springs and Koni Sport adjustable( adjustable in you have to take them 
out to adjust) set to the middle setting.  In the summer I run 225 50 16 
tires, which just barely fit (control arm clearance).  The body roll and 
pitch are greatly reduced, and handling is much improved, but not too stiff, 
even for snowy Boulder, CO streets.  Ive had them for almost 25000 miles. 
 There is a pearl white coupe here in Boulder with 17 inch wheels, but I 
don't know the tire size.

I've checked into sway bars, and to my knowledge no one offers a 
commercially available product.  I've spoken with somebody who had a set 
made, but I don't have any details.  I could pursue this if anybody is 

I've got the part numbers for the springs and struts, in case anybody in 
interested.  I bought through APS.

Alex Chernushin
'90 Coupe Quattro