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Re: Oil

On 30 Jan 1996, Joe Yakubik wrote:

> Next:  From the owners manual: overfilling oil could damage the catalytic
> converter. How? by blowing into the exhaust.  From this I extrapolate that your
> car may be sensitive to oil level and blow oil out when the oil level is above
> the middle of the hashed mark (not too high, not too low, just right).  Do you
> have any particularly steep hills around? Maybe going up them causes an
> intermittent overfill condition.

Well, yeah... I have all kinds of hills around here. I didn't know that 
being on a non-level surface could cause the oil be temporaraly overfilled..
It would seem, that there is simply just a certain amount of oil in the 
sump, and thats how much there is.

I suppose I could pay someone a couple hundred thousand dollars to build 
me a dry sump engine, but then I might as well go ahead and buy a ferarri 
or whatever does have a dry sump engine.

> 3. Use a high quality filter and oil with the recommended weight for your
> driving habits and conditions.  Be honest: do you rally around the driveway or
> sedately cruise the highway?

'See, it's OK if it goes up to the red strip on the tach, ok? It's only 
bad if you go into the red strip for too long..So try to avoid that. '
'And remember that it doesn't have much power until above 3500, so keep 
it up there, and it'll be all cooler and stuff. Once you feel the 
acceleration going down, about halfway between the 50 and the 60 mark on 
the tach, go ahead and shift... You can wait until the 60 mark if you
want, but you get better acceleration if you shift halfway between the 50 
and the 60 mark.'
[ excerpts of the last time I was trying to teach my friend how to drive 
_MY_ car.. quirky little devil. It will beep if the seat is adjusted for 
any position other than the position I keep it in.. It loves me.. :]