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Re: Causes/effects of low oil pressure (was Dan's 'queer' engine)

I think worn bearings are the usual cause, though a worn oil pump would
cause the same symptoms.  If it runs OK otherwise, I would switch to a
higher viscosity oil to raise the pressure a bit.  If you're really
nervous, have the pressure measured accurately.

>Hi All,
>With this talk of oil pressure, I just wanted to ask a coupla
>questions about (low) oil pressure:
>-  what are the possible causes?
>-  what are the possible consequences?
>My '81 5+5 exhibits low oil pressure when idling warm.  Don't ask me
>numbers, I'm not sure offhand, but LOW, right down near the bottom
>of the gauge. It moves up to the green zone when revs increase, or
>when idling cold.  It idles a little rough when warm, but usually
>smoother when cold (even though auxil. air valve is shot and there's
>no fast idle when cold).  Could the oil pressure have anything to do
>with this, or am I way off track?  It's done 240k km (150k m) blows
>no smoke, and the plugs are never dirty, just a light greyish brown
>powder.  What would be causing the low pressure?
><>--luke vinogradov------accident-research-centre---------<>

Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ
'87 560 SL