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Re: Bob's friend's TQC noise...

I hadn't thought of the manifold, since the noise that makes is usually a
ticking growing to something that sounds like exhaust.  In my case, what
broke was 3 $2 studs, which regrettably required the heads to be pulled.

>Hi Bob, et al,
>Bob, I'm only going to guess once: cracked exhaust manifold. You'll get a
>"ticka ticka ticka" noise that sounds like lifter noise. Just about every
>Audi with a one piece manifold eventually cracks it. When everything expands
>as the engine warms, it closes (sometimes). Of course, sometimes the
>manifold doesn't crack - the head does!! Let's hear it for those brilliant
>Audi engineers! Bolt a big long piece of cast iron onto an aluminum alloy
>head then rapidly heat and cool the whole deal a few thousand times. Hmm.
>I wonder if something will break. If the crack is big enough, enough
>exhaust will escape that it affects the turbo. But hey - no sweat. Those
>awesome Audi engineers made it really easy to get to the exhaust manifold.
>They tucked it under the intake manifold and then leaned the engine over
>27.5 degrees. So all you need to remove the cracked manifold is a nice,
>warm day, a shady garage, a few simple tools, and a few thousand dollars
>for your mechanics week of labor he'l spend to pull the thing and replace
>it. Plus the cost of the new manifold.
>At least you can replace it with a two-piece manifold that won't crack.
>Sorry about blowing all this sunshine up your *ss.
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