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Here in Omaha

> >Just got a call from Scott Justosson, he's in Omaha, Nebraska.  His car
> >(PDQSHIP) blew up (thanks, Jiffy Lube) and he's stranded in a hotel room.
> > Anyone in the area???  Please respond to me PERSONALLY ASAP!!!  Many thanks!!
> You have got to be effin' kidding me!  
> Scott prolly has enough spare stuff around to build another engine in a week
> or so.  It will go so fast that his eyeballs will permanently flatten!

He may have enough things in the trunk/boot to build a scrtach engine, 
but the weather here in Omaha is not something you want to get in touch 
with. Personally I wouldn't stay in my closed garadge for 10 minutes.

News Flash: the temperature in the "Big 'O'" will warm up on Sunday, and 
may even hit the 15 degrees mark. I 'sppose Scoot will have to work on 
his PDQSHIP on Sunday, eh?

At least SoMeOnE now will believe the weather I'm sitting and groaning
through for several weeks (we had 4 snow storm in just last week and a 
half). (: Not to mention that that particular someeone may also 
experience the horribleness of the local Audi dealership...

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