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Bob's noise

So Bob,

Got enough doffering answers to your noise question?  How about another.  Is the
noise, the tapping ticking sound from idle up to 1200rpm and then stopping?
What about from 1200rpm back to idle or if you hold it at say 1000-1100rpm.

I ask because in '86 I did a full rebuild of my '84 GTIs engine. Bought it with
slightly low compression in one cyl.  Got some money off and figured I'd do the
head later.  Turned out the head was fine.  Last owner had "hydralliced" the
engine when a head gasket blew.  One rod had "shrunk" shall we say but the big
and small end stayed parallel.  The bore was fine!  Checked it with a gauge.

I needed a new crank and rods.  I bought all new VW parts.$$$$$$$  Bought for
new euro pistons from Techtonics Tuning.  Car ran really strong but had a
tap/tick while warming up.  I was crushed.  All those new parts and a noise?!  

I lived with it but hated it.  It did go away when warm but.  Months later I
read that VW had a recall on a bunch of GTIs with too much clearence at the
wrist pin bushing.  Same rods I had bought.  I had no recourse really as I'm a
guy doing his own work etc....   I tried.  

Could you be hearing a slightly worn wrist pin bushing?  Steady revs and
decreasing revs make it show the most.  Could be.  The manifold sounds like a
good bet from what I've been told.

Good luck