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Re: S4 vs. V8Q...

> Pluses for the V8Q (1990 model):
> --------------------------
> +Stainless Steel Exhaust

is this supposed to be unique?

> +Automatic (Could be a minus as John Karasaki was stating recently!)

it will be expensive to fix and replace *if* it goes wrong, but it
should be quite durable.

> +More comfortable seats, ride quality (could be a minus, depending on the
> person)

i don't think the seats are much different from an s4's in terms of comfort,
certainly would not factor into the decision.

i don't think the v8 nor the s4 was made for lexo-isolationist ride.

> Minuses for the V8Q (1990 model):
> ---------------------------
> -Almost the SAME insurance premium, even though the value of the V8 is HALF
> the price of the S4 and .

think of it in terms of the cost of *replacing* dented fenders, glass, etc.
actually it is pretty low compared so some cars that are much cheaper.

> -Uncrashed/untested vehicle in the US, possibly done by TUV-Germany, and that
> data was analyzed...

how could an untested vehicle be legally sold in the US?

> -The engine block is aluminum/silicon alloy, and supposedly the Germans have
> shied away from aluminum blocks in the US, due to the high sulphur content in
> our gasoline, which tends to degrade the aluminum...

lots of high mileage v8's out there w/o problems.

> -Has the UFO brakes (Expensive $$, as well as warp-prone...)

this is a big minus as far as i'm concerned.

> Minuses for the S4 (1992 Model):
> -----------------------------------------------

> -Battery under the seat! (Same as the 5000 turbo/200 turbo, right
> guys/girls?)

same with v8.  what's the big deal?  it's for better weight distribution
and there are jumper terminals in the engine compartment.

> -No door lock heater listed in the specs...does anyone know whether they were
> equipped that way..my 1990 Coupe has them.

i never used those in the v8 until this week.. great stuff to have, but once
again you can go and buy a can of lock defreezer for less.

> -Stiffer seats, stiffer ride, with the potholes we have in NJ and NY, makes
> it even worse!!

> the same, but the 1993 V8Q I test-drove seemed to be more spacious....

the 93 v8 has fat bottomed seats...

it seems that the s4 will be a safe conservative choice and is
probably the better car but the v8 is a much better buy if you can
ensure that it was well looked after.  my v8 has been trouble free for
a very long time, but then i'm not selling it for those prices either!