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Hey guys,

Anybody tried the PIAA lights?  Comments/problems.  I've got a friend in the biz
so I can get a good price.  Jobber or less.

I'm looking at the dual lights.  Fog and driving in one unit.  The models are
960 and 940 I think.  They are the same size as the Hella aux low beam.  I would
put them under the bumper on my '88 5ktq.

I think I'd leave the driving lights hooked to the high beam so they always come
on.  The fogs I'd have a separate switch for.

Did my '88 ever come with factory fogs?  Can I get an OEM fog switch to fill one
of my blanks?  If not, do later A6/S6 switches fit the '88 dash?

Euro lights can wait.  But for now I'm blind.