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I need some advice!

Hello my name is Karl and I'm new on the list. I own a 93 100S...and 
unfortunately it is not a Quattro, but neverthless it is a great car that 
runs the same as day 1 despite the 70k hard driven miles on it. No major 
repairs except for a broken water pump, which the dealer...Tischer Audi, 
Porsche, and BMW (notice I put BMW last)...gave me a discount for once I 
explained I was a poor student.

I was thinking about adding a new exhaust system to the car for a more 
pleasing aural effect. Would that have any consequence when it comes time 
for the emmissions test?
Also what do those "Performance Chips" do to the car? Do they really 
increase the horsepower of the car? And if so do you guys and gals know 
of any reputable dealer?

Does anyone out there know anything about the performance version of the 
A4 that I hope Audi will make one day? I heard that they are going to put 
in a 5 valve V6...then I heard something about twin turbos???? Whatever 
it is I hope it kicks the M3 in the butt...I'm so sick of those cars here 
on campus at University of Maryland.

Keep it up!