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Glen Powell asks,

What tires would I get over GAs.  

I don't know yet.  Alot of the cars I test for the paper come with GAs.  The
Chevy Monte Carlo and the Buick Riviera were quiet with the GAs.  The Passat and
the VW GTI were noisey.  The loudest noise at highway speeds with the V-dubs is
the tires. 

I've thought I may get some Dunlops, D60s maybe?  I've had M40s and SP8000s on
the Merkur.  For Z rated tires they are quiet and the Audi is always going to be
quieter than the Merkur.  Maybe some D40-M2s but V rated instead of Z rated for
the Audi.  They have a V rated 205-60-15.

My brother likes the P4000 on his Taurus wagon.  I think I want something more
performance oriented. I will have snows next year so I don't need or believe in
all season tires.

BFGs maybe?  I think I'll stay with 15s and 60 series tires.  I've driven too
many cars with 45-50 series that ride like crap around here.  Thats kind of what
the Merkur is for.  The less forgiving ride in the house.

I've driven two cars that defy logic as far as ride and handling go.  The
Mercedes AMG C36 is the BEST riding/handling car on the planet. OK, that I've
driven. Both were designed with ultra low tires from the get go.   I know I'll
get noise from this but you really have to drive it to believe it. I've driven
the American, German and um.....Oriental performance cars.
 I'm talking real world roads with ruts and heaves and holes etc.  In CT, Mass
and NH the C36 amazed all.  The tires are if I remember right
215-45-17/245-40-17 and they don't slam bang.  The body stays level while the
suspension does its thing.  The C36 is very quiet as far as tire noise goes
wether you are on asphault or concrete highways.  You barely hear them.  Try
that in a Corvette.  The Mitsu VR-4, which by the way is a blast on a twisty
backroad, is also prone to LOTS of tire noise.  The one I drove had the 18 inch
wheels and no-profile tires.  You can't blame it.

The BMW M3, the new one, is also amazing for the tire profile.  Super ride with
more than super handling.  I don't care about skid pads.  How fast can you
corner aroung the on ramp to the George Washinton bridge?  That is the real

I do think that both the Benz and the Bimmer will bend wheels like crazy.  They
have No sidewall.  Few cars with 35-45 series tires won't trash wheels. I can't
keep really true wheels on the Merkur and I run 55 series on Speedline wheels.

 But with the Benz and the Bimmer you will sure be comfy while the wheels bend.