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Good high perf tires

As far as tires go...

I have Dunlop Sport 8000s on my ur-quattro. They're 215/50 15. They are 
great tires except that they get ZERO traction in snow (I've go Blizzaks
for winter use), and they soak up nails and screws like I can't believe.

Previously to owning the ur-q, I had never gotten a flat tire. Never in the
Audi Fox, the 16V Scirocco, or the Prelude. Granted, these cars had all
season tires designed to maximize mileage and tread life ('cept for the
P600s on the Scirocco). After I got the quattro and put on the Dunlops,
I got 3 or 4 flat tires in 15K miles.

Sadly, the last screw that imbedded itself in my tire did so too close to
the sidewall to repair. So now one of my $170 Dunlops is shot. And they look
like they have about 10K left in them.

So in every other respect (ride, noise, and grip especially), they are/were 
excellent. And they looked like they were going to last about 25K miles. 
Ain't bad for a sof compound Z rated tire.

It's just that they have no puncture resistance. Or I'm just unlucky.
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