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Intended for Ernest Wong, but got booted from the Cornell Mailer


Always willing to help out in the pursuit of enlightenment.  

I'm  holding a 9004 bulb in my hand (typing one handed).  Looking into the
socket, with the flat side up from left to right (as if you were the car) left
is ground, middle (slightly higher) is low beam, and right is high.  Audi
standard wiring is: brown is ground, yellow (ylw/blk) is low beam, and white
(wht/blk) is high beam.  

When you say the filament in the 9007 is "N/S" do you mean it is roughly
parallel to the body of the light bulb?  Or is perpendicular to the bulb, only
rotated 90 degrees from the orientation of the 9004's?  The H4's are parallel to
the body of the bulb.