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PIAA response

Thanks for the PIAA responses.

The PIAA lights, both the #960 and 940 are about 7"x 3.5 x 3.75deep  and
6.5x3.25x 3.5 respectively.  The Hella low beams are nearly 8" and about 3.75
tall and 3.75 deep.  

So the PIAAs are a little smaller.  Yes they are still big.  Maybe bigger than I
want but nearly every light in my Hella book is that size.  Maybe slighlty
smaller but then they are only one light too. Hella 550s for instance are 7
11/16x3 3/4.  The 220 Jumbos are smaller!  Why jumbo?  They are 5 3/16 x 3 1/2
but are 9 7/16s deep?  That must be a typo.  The Hella 450s are the smallest at

The dual PIAAs may be a compromise from a true purpose built fog/driving.  But I
know I'm not putting four Hellas on the front of my car either.

The depth under the bumper is a concern too.  I can see a set of the lights this
weekend and decide.  I need to see.  I've tried the 55/100s from the Xr and they
just don't cut it. Lights as curb feelers?  I know that is a problem.  I've got
to do something and I need the help most on the low beam.  There aren't many
times I need high beams around here.  Too many people. 
  I could just get some fogs to pump up the low beams and see exit ramps etc.
But if the fogs are as big as the dual PIAAs then why not just get the  PIAAs.

Also of course with add on lights car washes are out.  I know we all like to
wash by hand but in the winter?  Brrrrrrrrrr. 

To Dan Hussey:

I've got the D40 M2s on the Xr.  Good tire.  I could see the V rated on the Q.
Even if the Dunlop were as loud as the GAs are I'd at least have a good
performance tire as an excuse for the noise.  The GAs aren't a good excuse for
anything. The GAs are just noisey.  The GAs always sound like I'm on a concrete
surface.  Gravely harsh sound, even at 40mph.

Back to lights.......

So as far as lights go I can see about a group discount.  If you want some, see
what they cost where you buy stuff.  I may get a good price but I can only play
beat the buck so much.  I'm not going to profit from this and I don't want to
haggle with my friend over $2.  So.......

Who REALLY wants lights?  Who is shopping?  If I knew that, I don't know, say
seven of you wanted some PIAAs, and I told my friend to expect calls from you,
mentioning the Q list and you were going to buy then that is what I would
propose to him.  Maybe all calls from the list or QCUSA members would get X%
off.  I don't know if he sells at list or 10% off or what his normal deal is.
So I can't tell you if Joe's discount light store is cheaper or not.  You know
what I'm saying?

So who is interested.  PIAAs?  Hellas?