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Hydraulic system woes [update]

A few weeks back I posted a request for advice about a hyd leak that had 
developed in the '88 5kCS.  The leak is one that was variable ... some days
it would leak a few ounces some days none.  I obtained a rebuilt pump from
PAP (they were on sale for ~$180 in a recent flier).  I installed it the 
night before last, and last night I found that the car lost a few ounces 
of fluid.  I'm thinking that the problem is in one of the high pressure 
hoses, and the sheaths make it difficult to isolate which one.  Since I 
got the replacement hose to go to the steering rack in the mail yesterday 
I am now convinced that it is the hose that goes to the brake system :)

I am thinking that the cause of the problem was the fact that I had to move 
the pump around to be able to R/R the radiator.  I guess that I will be a 
little more careful if I have to do the same thing again.  I did not immobi-
lize the pump with safety wire, and there were cases where the pump was 
sliding down the side of the engine ...


Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)