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Re: I need some advice!


I need the same advice.  I'm a university professor stiff, make 
reasonably decent $$ (although I'd rather get paid what the last guy off 
the bench for any pro sports team gets), been doing what I do for 25 
years, and I'm driving an 87 4kcsq with 150,000 miles.  Of course I am 
paying off a home mortgage, already sent one kid to college, have another 
in college right now, and am trying to put a couple of bucks away for 

In my case, in addition to choosing the wrong profession, I chose to 
live in a state that has about the 5th highest tax burden of any state 
in the US.

I do have memories (& pictures) of a time in the early 1970s when Ihad a 
closet full of suits (and they all fit!!) and a brand new Porsche 911s 
targa in the driveway.  The car cost about $18k & I got it for about $15 
cause it was the dealer's personal car.  Since then its been downhill 

I think Bill Cosby figured it out best--while we were all in school the 
dropouts got the good jobs.

Bill Murin

 On Thu, 1 Feb 1996 AUDIDUDI@delphi.com wrote:

> > gave me a discount for once I explained I was a poor student.
> No offense intended but how do all of you "poor students" afford cars like a
> '93 Audi 100?  I'm a working stiff, make pretty good money and the best that
> I can afford is an '89 200tq that I just bought used!  Did I go to the wrong
> school or what?  ;^)
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