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Re: Vermont q listers - need your help

>Several (many?) other states also charge what might be consdiered to be 
>exorbitant registration fees.  A 2 year old S6 in minnesota would probably 
>cost about $800 if I remember what the salesman at the Minneapolis Audi 
>store said (Darin--can you confirm this?).  I  have an uncle who retired 
>to Arizona and he tells me that the tags for his new car/van exceed $1000
>(Jeff--can this be right?).  Bob Myers just told us what it costs in WVa.
>Anyway, license fees are purely a matter of state policy and economics.  
>There is no relationship between who represents you in Congress and state 
>tax policy.  If my uncle is correct with his figure, what conclusion can 
>we draw because most of that state's congressional delegation is 
>Bill Murin
In CO, when I leased Ann's former '93 90s, I had to pay full sales tax. 
When I got to LA, I found that I would have to pay "sales tax" again upon
registration of the car...at an even higher rate (8.25%) than in CO!  No,
it wasn't on the new car price, but it wasn't on the market value either.  
One other reason why the car got turned in for that van.

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