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PIAAs etc.

Lots of response to the lights I see.

Gary NYC.  Time frame?  I want to do this pretty soon too.  I can see the PIAAs
this weekend.  I need to see low low they go etc. 

Eric S.   An A4 eh?  Good for you.  

Paul L.  $100 for a pair of Hella Aux lows?  #74700 for the two lights with
molly mount?  Jobber price on those is $130.  About $103 w/o molly mounts.  BUY
THEM!  Those prices I mention come right from the hella book.

My only grip about putting them above the bumper is looks. Well not my only
grip.  Add two lights and you block alot of radiator and intercooler flow.  Each
light is nearly 8 inchs.  Sixteen inches of lights.  How much grill arear is
there?  Or would you block some of the stock lights.  As if you it would matter.

Bob Meyers.   3.5 inches seems to be the average size of all the Hellas.  Add to
this the mounting hardware depth/height. Could be 4.5-5 inchs total. PIAAs?  I
don't have a full line cataloge.  Eric S. does.  Eric?

As for trip computers, I didn't fill up when I got back.  All I know is I drove
160mi and the fuel gauge didn't drop even 1/4.  It holds 21 gal full up so a 1/4
would be 5 gals and I went 160 miles.  28mpg seems possible.  Maybe.

I'll let you know if 7x3 inch lights under the bumper look stupid and

The only small fog lights I've seen are the cheapo's from the dept store.  PIAA
has those small round lights but I think thet are driving lights only.  Eric.
I'll try to get a cataloge from my friend.