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Salutation, and headlights

Hi everyone,

 My name is Pierre, I'm a newcomer to this list as well as to the club of
Audi drivers. I'm presently driving a '92 S4 Quattro that I find great,
except maybe for the headlight system, especially on lowbeams. (Adjustments
were checked, and they're ok.)
 Is this due to the type of headlight system?  Has anyone else felt that
the lowbeams provided rather weak lighting on this model?  If so, any idea
on the best way to correct the problem, apart from adding the foglights on
country roads when reasonably good sight ahead is needed?
 I can't believe the service manager (in an Audi dealer's garage) who told
me that everything was normal with this state-of-the-art halogen lighting
 Besides, something else puzzles me: the Owner's Manual recommends H1 55 W
lamps for both highbeam & lowbeam headlights, and H3 55 W for foglights.
That's far from standard automotive equipment here in Canada.
 Thanks in advance for your feedback. Please excuse my ignorance, and turn
my lights on.