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Re: I need some advice!

> Three theories why today's college kids are more "vehicularly enabled;"
> 1. Generally higher expectations.  Today, every kid expects to have a car.  I drove 
> 2. Increased willingness to go deeply into debt for a car.
> 3. Extension of #1, greater willingness of parental units to "help."  Cars are 

What I saw in the student parking lot in 1990:

1 V8
2 turbo q's (new 'uns)
1 500SL

Right now (ur... 1996?) I've seen brand new supra turbo, rx-7, mitsu 3000 
vr-4, land rover -- in fact, cars in students parking lot are a lot more 
fancier than the faculty counterpart. Not only there are students who would 
wiling to go into deeper debt, but more surprisingly -- some are able to 
buy cars with cash (no loans!). Holy moly!

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