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Re: Unsubscribe.

I wanted to unsubscribe to a mailing list and "mispelled" my request and 
would you believe this the response that was mailed out by an 

erolflyn@interaccess.com wrote:
> To be honest with you three, We'd LOVE to have you
> unsubscribe.  If you maintain your cars they way you
> read instructions, you advice would be somewhat, well...
> dubious at best.  Read the same instructions you used
> to sign up, that should give you a few hints.
> ...and quit getting Unka' Bart riled, his heart ccan't
> take it...
> Chris.
> -84 '4ks
> -71 Norton Commando
> -87 Virago 535

Well excuse us for having a couple of typo's but it really is sad to see 
this attitude from a busy mailing list.  All other readers beware if you 
say the wrong thing you are going to get flamed by someone who is more 
"intelligent" than you.  I really hope that majordomo at the quattro 
mailing list doesn't this feeling? Friendly....  I was considering 
subscribing to the digest but like I said if the majordomo condones this 
type of attitude too bad.

	David Templeton