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Re: Ya Gotta Luv It....

>RE: windshield washer liquid -
>> *** (I once did an experiment, using my electric ice cream machine,
>> and stuff labelled 0 F (-18C) started freezing  at -6C!)  ****
>world except on this list would you find someone delightfully wacky and
>compulsive enough to try this!!!!!
>Another great story for my wife.  HONEY....guess what the guys in the
>Audi group are up to NOW!!........  By the way, where's our ice cream
Hey! Don't laugh!  Up here in MA(Wayland) I was heading off to school this
AM, and pulled the wishy-washy lever(as we call it in our house) and the
stuff came out, and promptly froze solid  before the wipers got up to it.
The stuff was straight, too-no water.  Was CVS brand though...Hmmm... :)
When I got there, as I left the car I touched the stuff, and it had melted
again!  I guess the heat from inside warmed up the windshield enough to
melt it, but when driving the wind evaporates enough to freeze it...What
was really nifty was some of the stuff that froze sublimed(is that the
right term? Solid->Gas/vapor?  I think so).  Since it fogged up when it
froze in spots all over the windshield, it was entertaining to watch it
Would the evaporation be enough to freeze it?  It was really cold(don't
remember exact temp-I think it was 7 deg. F., but not sure).  Car started
instantly, almost before I could get the key all the way to the start
position :)  Friend was especially pissed-had to replace batt in '91 Legend
V6L, and his Legend doesn't start very well at all in the cold (eh eh eh eh
EH! Shoulda gotten an Audi! Eh eh eh!)
Did notice that the gears(stickshift) are _really_ hard to shift until the
engine's been running awhile(5-8 min)-is this normal?  Also, if I leave it
in the neutral pos. and let up on the clutch, the engine rpm drops and you
can hear the engine strain, but it levels out to just a tag under where it
was with the clutch in(down)  I would assume that the trans. fluid is very
viscous in the cold, but even when it's about 28-32 deg. it's still very
noticable.  Trans. fluid hasn't been changed since 60k-car has 110k on
it...Should I change it?  How hard is it to change?  Someone told me that
the filling hole is sideways(horiz.), so you have to load up a grease gun,
and it's a big pain in the ass?  If I should change it, what's the
good/recommended stuff?  Tips on changing it?
I have some cupons for Audi servicing...tempting...let them do it?  Or NOT!

'87 5kCST

Hey-we have an icecream maker too...hmmmm...Nah!