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Re: I need some advice!

On Thu, 1 Feb 1996, Psycho Bob wrote:

> Right now (ur... 1996?) I've seen brand new supra turbo, rx-7, mitsu 3000 
> vr-4, land rover -- in fact, cars in students parking lot are a lot more 
> fancier than the faculty counterpart. Not only there are students who would 
> wiling to go into deeper debt, but more surprisingly -- some are able to 
> buy cars with cash (no loans!). Holy moly!

Okay, I feel I now have to defent us "kids."  I can't speak for every 
single kid out there, but some of us work very, VERY hard to earn the 
money to achieve a dream.  There were kids driving around my high school 
with Land Rovers, Infinities, and one '91 90 q 20v (green/ecru, always 
dirty).  Now, most of these cars were bought my their mommies and 
daddies.  In fact, there was one guy who had an '89 m3.  He totalled it, 
and his dad gave him a spanking and bought him an m5!  He totaled that 
too.  Why?  He didn't care!  BUT, there were other people who earned theri 
own money and bought their own cars, and had a LOT of pride.  I, personally, 
spent all my money on a high end audio system, and I'm quite proud of 
it.  I also bought my own car with my own money.  Even though it was only 
$3k (half what my system costs), it gives me a lot of pride, because its 
Also, keep in mind that minors have much financial obligations, so what 
they earn goes a lot farther.

'86 Jetta, and DAMNED proud of it!