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I'm upset.

Just got my Car and Driver (I like eliot's version better) and boy am I 
pissed.  Once again, they've managed to show just how stupid they really 
are.  But before I write my letter to them, I'd like to make sure I'm not 
way off base.

The comparo is between the tame wagons - BMW 525i Touring, Ovlov 850 
Turbo, and Audi A6 Wagon.  Dismissed was the 530i Touring for it's over 
$50k tag, the 850 T-5R because the regular 850 Turbo matched up better, 
but NO S6!  Is this because the S6 is not offered as a '97 model?  
Prolly.  Isn't the sticker on the S6 around $47k ish?  These wusses 
didn't even mention the S6.  Anywhere.  Of course they're automatics.  
Seems like everything C&D compares lately is slush.  The A6 finished 
second with really good reviews.  The verdict was "Nothing another 50 HP 
couldn't fix".  Sounds like an S6 to me.  So why did they not even 
mention the S6.  The Ovlov won because of it's power.  So now goobers who 
don't have the priviledge of knowing the truth think that Audi is 
out-pulled by Ovlov (which is close to the case with the T-5R vs. S6, 
though the auto Ovlov can't outpull the manual Audi).  Of course, we only 
lost by one point, and kicked the Bimmer's butt!

It just irks me that C&D won't tell the whole story.  Like doing a 3 page 
article on the Subaru WRX rally wagon, but only a half-page teaser on the 
RS2.  Talking about how awesome the WRX is.  The RS2 would have it for lunch.

Climbing down off the proverbial soapbox.