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17" tires...

Well, I figured if I was going to spend the bucks for 17" wheels, I might as
well go all the way ... I ordered a set of 8x17 Compomotive MO wheels for my
200tq yesterday.  These are a 5-spoke design patterned after the wheels used
in the BTCC series and the manufacturer is willing to ship them in primer so
I won't have to strip the powder-coat off to paint them pearl white to match
my car.  Including center caps, wheel bolts, and valve stems, I got them for
$225 each plus shipping ... for once in my life, my first choice is also the
cheapest choice!!

Given the extra wheel width (BTW, the manufacturer is guaranteeing they will
fit my car and will take 'em back if they don't!) I'm assuming it's going to
be a tight squeeze and am considering going with a 215/40-17 because they'll
be a bit shorter than a 215/45.  I also noticed that Tire Rack has 205/45-17
Pirellis on a close-out special and these are not only a little shorter than
a 215/45 but a bit narrower as well ... I don't really care for Pirellis but
I'm willing to consider them under the circumstances since this is primarily
a street car and ultimate traction isn't a priority.  Unfortunately, neither
BFG or Yokohama (my primary choices) offer a tire in this size, at least not
in the US.

Does anyone have any experience/recommendations on this?  From what I gather
in talking with various people, not too many folks have tried stuffing 8x17s
under the fenders of these cars and therefore there isn't much wisdom on the
subject available.  I know I'll have to roll the rear fenders slightly but I
hope that's all since flaring them (which isn't that difficult if you have a
good bodyman) will also mean repainting some or all of the car and that is a
bit beyond my means at the moment ... any input on this will be appreciated.

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