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Re: frozen locks

I've found that spraying a bit of WD40 into the lock cylinder and then 
working the lock a bit with your key (and then cleaning the junk off the 
key) does the trick.  I don't live in NH, where it is a bit colder than 
it tis in Oregon.  But I go skiing several times a year.  Since I've been 
doing this WD40 trick I've not had a problem with frozen locks.

'83 TQC
Jetta and Scirocco 16Vs

On Wed, 31 Jan 1996, Reid Philip Meyer wrote:

> >Date: 31 Jan 96 22:38:52 EST
> >From: Michael LaRosa <76761.1444@compuserve.com>
> >I've stated before that I wash my V8Q in the winter whenever it goes 
> >above freezing,  unfortunately the locks don't always dry up before the
> >temp plummets again in NH :-(
> >
> >So my locks freeze up all the time......
> >
> >so for NH the heated locks and mirrors are great :-)
> >
> Got a little trick for you to try.   Before washing cover the locks with
> either masking or electric tape.  State College Pa isn't as cold as NH, but
> this trick has always worked for me!   Keep that baby clean!
>        Reid Meyer
> P.S.  Take the tape off when you're done ; )

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