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Re: Aluminum Motors and Stainless Exhaust

>DON'T write off this technology.  so far, only BMW has done so, with the
>328i block in N. America made of cast iron instead of the aluminum used in
>RoW.  AND, BMW is reported to be looking for a solution to this problem
>(whether it be alloy changes or fuel changes I don't know).  the aluminum
>block with exposed silicon is NOT new technology, and even GM has put out
>some impressive (and not so) alloy engine blocks in the past

Isn't Volvo's 850 5-cylinder an aluminum alloy motor as is Acura's NSX 6-cyl?

>>-Normal heavy guage Audi exhaust, not stainless... (Although my coupe's rear
>>exhaust was REALLY HEAVY!)
>haven't all Audi exhaust systems since the mid 80s been SS?  the exhaust on
>my '91 200q is SS.  
In the newest issue of Autoweek, there's are really good article on the
different types of stainless exhausts now being used in cars.  If you want
more specifics I can point you to it or summarize on the list.

Lou M.