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On 2 Feb 1996, Neil Swanson wrote:

> 	Don't open anything or download anything called   GOOD TIMES
> I have gotten the word on this and the FCC is PISSED!  Don't do it.
> Dump ASAP.  No GOOD TIMES will be had when your hard drive gets consumed.

As a self-taught semi-hacker and a programmer (for my own amusing) from 
the mid '80s, I assure you that true virus cannot travel in text form -- 
of course, unless you're curious enough to compile it through your compiler.

In this age of multi-platform, multi-operating system, a programmer will 
pat him/herself on the back if the program code was able to run on two or 
three platforms with some MINOR recoding and debugging. ANd also, what 
the hell does FCC has to do with this?

Moral of this thang: wait for it! When you receive it, open it and read 
it. The joy may not be as much as its title suggest, but at least you can 
get few chuckle out of it.

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