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Thrash me...

OK, I was bad...  But tell me you guys didn't want to say it.  In a way, I'm
a hero, a martyr even, YEAH.  I took the heat for a nasty message to the
newbies that at least 5 or 6 of you folks wanted to write.  I'm practically
a Saint for this... (Tongue firmly in cheek)  

They just caught me after 2 network crashes, 12 phone calls, and a virus
alert on my PC... *sigh*...

It was so cold this morning in Chicago, my battery was dead...  I opened the
nifty tool case in the trunk, and it CRACKED in half, Damn.  i lifted the
hood to unhook the battery and bring it inside, and all the stinking
winsheild fluid lined cracked in half.  Oi Vey!

Less caustic,