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Re: I'm upset.

On Fri, 2 Feb 1996, Jeremy R King wrote:

> Just got my Car and Driver (I like eliot's version better) and boy am I 
> pissed.  Once again, they've managed to show just how stupid they really 
> are.  But before I write my letter to them, I'd like to make sure I'm not 
> way off base.
> The comparo is between the tame wagons - BMW 525i Touring, Ovlov 850 
> Turbo, and Audi A6 Wagon.  Dismissed was the 530i Touring for it's over 
> $50k tag, the 850 T-5R because the regular 850 Turbo matched up better, 
> but NO S6!  Is this because the S6 is not offered as a '97 model?  
> Prolly.  Isn't the sticker on the S6 around $47k ish?  These wusses 
> didn't even mention the S6.  Anywhere.  Of course they're automatics.  
> Seems like everything C&D compares lately is slush.  The A6 finished 
> second with really good reviews.  The verdict was "Nothing another 50 HP 
> couldn't fix".  Sounds like an S6 to me.  So why did they not even 
> mention the S6.  The Ovlov won because of it's power.  So now goobers who 
> don't have the priviledge of knowing the truth think that Audi is 
> out-pulled by Ovlov (which is close to the case with the T-5R vs. S6, 
> though the auto Ovlov can't outpull the manual Audi).  Of course, we only 
> lost by one point, and kicked the Bimmer's butt!

	The S6 was not mentioned because of the price tag.  They only 
added the BMW because they needed a third car.


> It just irks me that C&D won't tell the whole story.  Like doing a 3 page 
> article on the Subaru WRX rally wagon, but only a half-page teaser on the 
> RS2.  Talking about how awesome the WRX is.  The RS2 would have it for lunch.
> Climbing down off the proverbial soapbox.
> Jeremy