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Re: Who the hell cares about C&D?

... good post Bryan!  You guys are always getting me to chime in on these 
threads I initially ignore ....
> I've heard that one of the big shots at C&D (Pat Bedard, maybe) has an 
> ur-quattro as his daily driver. Truth be known, C&D probably left out the
> S6 so all the staff members could run out and get one before the're gone.
It wouldn't surprise me at all to find out that someone at C&D had an urQ.
Back in the early 80s C&D was all over the car which made several of their
"10 best" lists.  I think it was even on the list of one of the 10 most 
significant cars of the 80s.

If anyone is interested there is a gorgeous black/grey S6 Wagon with manual
transmission on the lot of the local P/A/VW dealer.  Wish I could trade them
straight across for my 5kQ Wagon :)  It was the first S6 I had seen in the 
flesh ... 

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)