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Lurchers unite!

This may not solve *your* problem, but I'll post it just the same...

I had a similar lurching problem with my Alfa Spider, and I discovered 
I had torn a small section out of the rubber air intake hose (which goes 
from the air sensor to the plenum).  I figured that when I was in first gear, 
the engine was torquing the crack open, letting in extra air the sensor 
wasn't aware of and not able to compensate for.  When I tried any other 
(smaller) gear, I didn't have the same problem.  I was able to 
test my theory by putting duct tape over the tear -- which did take care 
of my lurching and stalling... so I then purchased a used replacement 
intake hose, installed it, and haven't had a problem since.

I would expect your 4kQ to be Bosch FI just like my Alfa Spider and 
80Q... but from the story, I could not tell if you meant that you had a 
tranny problem or FI problem.

Good luck and Ciao -