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Audi Articles

          Well, suffice it to say, things must be looking up at Audi......
          I just read THREE, count 'em, THREE positive articles on Audi in 
          the Washington Times auto section!  
          Still gettin' over the shock.
          The first article is written by Denise McCluggage (one of my 
          favorite auto writers, she also pens for Autoweek) in her series 
          "Drive, She Said" she comments on the bad rap Audi has had in the 
          past decade.  A worthy read.  I suppose, if wanted, I could post 
          the article.
          The following two include a positive review of the A4 (of 
          course!) and the increased sales and profits Audi is 
          experiencing.  I guess our friends at C&D and R&T don't do much 
          for sales figures........thank god, since there'll be more used 
          ones available to choose from when I can afford 'em.
          -85 GT
          -85 5ks