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Re: 17" tires...

It's worth noting that the relationship between wheel and tire width will
affect the feel of the tire.  I believe that in general, a tire will feel
softer and have greater slip angles on a narrow wheel.

>On Fri, 2 Feb 1996, Michael Spiers wrote:
>> indicated that an 8 inch wheel was too wide to run a 205 tire on.  Something
>I don't agree with this at all.  205mm is approx 8".  Most racing tire
>companies will tell you to run a wheel as wide or wider than your tire.
>Hoosier recommends a wheel 1 inch wider than the tire (granted, they're
>talking bias ply tires, but still)  My experience in autocrossing, is
>that you can easily put a 205 tire on an 8 inch wheel.  You probably will
>want to use the widest tire that will fit, for ultimate grip, but a
>skinny tire will work on the wide wheel within reason.
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