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     May I comment on Eric Schumacher's horsepower diatribe?  I have an '85 
     4KSQ which I love dearly, but powerful enough it ain't!  Last summer I 
     feigned a midlife crisis and bought a new Z28 6-speed to get "that 
     old-timey American V-8 thing" out of my system.  Overall quality: no 
     comparison!  The Z28 had more rattles the day it was delivered than 
     the Audi has at 115K.  That was expected, and I accept it on its own 
     terms.  Oddly, the Audi makes me a bolder driver.  I'm more 
     comfortable with it's capabilities, and I can see out of it.  But for 
     situations where power is an asset or just plain fun . . . well, let's 
     just say I feel lucky to have both vehicles.
     Maybe I'm a hopeless case.  But the enthusiast in me finds merit in 
     many makes and models.  I'm comfortable with my automotive decisions 
     and fascinated by the decisions of others  It isn't a them-versus-us 
     proposition.  Dare I mention I'm equally fond of my old Ford F250 4x4 
     diesel pickup?  You can imagine how that beast rides and handles.  
     Fuel mileage?  The Audi gets 20-21 mpg in mixed town driving, 30+ on 
     the highway.  The Camaro manages 17-18 in town, mid-20s on the 
     highway.  Not a huge difference considering the power/performance 
     differential.  (The F250 gets about 15 mpg everywhere, if anyone 
     One other thing.  I collect automotive sales literature.  My 
     collection includes a fair representation of U.S. and European Audi 
     stuff.  If it can serve as a reference to anyone, I'd be happy help 
     PETE KRAUS@email.eushc.ORG