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re:Oil leak \ cold temperatures

I don't think the cold contraction was the cause. I've never seen that
behavior on any  of my Aud!s or VWs. (its was -38C a couple of nights
ago, and -30C seemingly forever!!)

Perci Hala
93 Aud! S4 - no leaks

& formerly: 78 5000; 75 Fox; 86Jetta; 91 Passat that didn't leak

From: Richard_gann@mail.amsinc.com
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 96 09:42:13 EST
Subject: Oil leak \ cold temperatures 

     Greetings from coooolllld Colorado (well for us anyway). 
     Started up the beauty this morning, being the coldest day of
     (-15F) so far , and noticed oil leaking out of what seemed to be
     metal housing above the oil filter. Couldn't locate the exact
     as I was on my way to the Grindstone.
     The leak did stop about a minute after she fired up (aprox 50ml 
     spilt). I reckon it has something to do with expansion of metals
     to extreme cold, 157k on the clock, age of car bla bla bla ..... 

     Any comments ?.
     Richard Gann
     1986 4000s 1.8l 157k   Boulder CO