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Re: Audi 200T Problems

Kenneth Gorman writes:
> And now for a question:
> I've been seeing an advertisement in the local (Philadelphia) paper about 
> a 'rare' 1983 Audi turbo Quattro.  The owner is asking $9800.  The ad has 
> been in the paper for almost 2 months, indicating to me that the asking 
> price is way too high.  Who would pay close to 10K for a 13 year old 
> car?  Someone please enlighten me why someone would think that car is so 
> valuable.  What makes it so special?

This is THE original Audi Quattro.  The model that started Audi's
move into all wheel drive technology, the car that had smashing success
against other cars in the international rally scene, the car that
sent other manufacturers back to their drawing boards to rethink their
designs, and the car that enveloped a very high level of performance
and civility.  Magazine articles compared this quattro with Porsches and
Lotuses, some had argued that perhaps this was the best car in the world.
Books have been written about this car, videos have been produced, and
there have been a lot of names that became famous with that string of
Audi victories. (Michele Mouton, Hannu Mikkola, Walter Rohrl, Stig
Blomqvist, John Buffum, to name just a few...  some of the best
rally drivers you'll find anywhere).

This car is not only an important turning point for Audi, it is a
significant milestone for the automotive industry as a whole.

Anyone who has some knowledge of Audi history will know that the
original turbo quattro coupe (the Germans now affectionately call
it the Ur-Quattro) has long become a collectors car, and despite the
age it can still command a very high resale value (if in appropriate
condition, of course).

It doesn't matter that this Audi is 13 years old.  When I see an Ur-Q
I still give it MY respect.  It is a rare sight to see one, and a treat
to ones eyes (one in the know, that is).

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