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Re: 17" tires...

> I don't agree with this at all.  205mm is approx 8".  Most racing tire 
> companies will tell you to run a wheel as wide or wider than your tire.  
> Hoosier recommends a wheel 1 inch wider than the tire (granted, they're 
> talking bias ply tires, but still)  My experience in autocrossing, is 
> that you can easily put a 205 tire on an 8 inch wheel.  You probably will 
> want to use the widest tire that will fit, for ultimate grip, but a 
> skinny tire will work on the wide wheel within reason.

Ditto.  I personally have run 225s on 9" rims with no problem and I know of
a couple of people who've run 205s on them as well ... it's a pain to mount
them but that's why you pay someone else to do it.  :^)

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