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Re: A4 lacks performance

On Fri, 2 Feb 1996, Rich Cimo wrote:

> I test drove an Audi A4 with an auto tranny. I was kind-of disappointed 
> with this almost perfect car because of lack of "stop light go". Now I 
> wondering if the A4q will even be a bit slower do to the added weight. 
> Can the cars computer be tweaked, such as a hotter Chip? Can any other 
> minor modifications be made to correct this?

i drove a 5 speed manual a4q yesterday.  the acceleration did not
blow me away, but it certainly was not inadequate.  i would say
that i found it to be pretty agreeable.  the v6 now makes much
nicer sounds than before, even though it's the same engine
on paper since 1992.

i think that slushboxes on audis in general are nowhere as
efficient (i.e. much more lossy) as those on japanese cars.

if you want slush and performance on the a4, the best
thing to do is to wait for the 30 valve V6, with and
without turbos.  either that or get the 5 speed manual.
with such a slick manual shifter it's much harder to
justify getting the automatic.

the rest of the car is simply wonderful, and the 12 valve v6
with 5 speed manual and quattro is probably as good a car
as you're going to find for that money.