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4000q brakes

Dear Quattrophiles-

I have a question regarding a front brake job for my 86 4000Q, and I was
looking for a little advice.

In the past, when I replaced brake pads and rotors, I always replaced the
"self-locking" bolts that hold the calipers on.  These are the bolts that
torque to 25 lb-ft, and come with what looks like some blue Loctite
already on the threads.  Why did I replace them?  Well partially because
the "Bentley said so," but also because Audi parts kits always include them.

Well now I'm putting Repco MM on, and the bolts don't come with.  The
Audi dealers here in Columbus say I will have to wait a week if I want to
order the bolts by part# (they don't know what size), or pay through the nose
for overnight delivery.  

I would just replace the bolts with new, and add some Loctite, but I am
unsure of their size, and I won't be able to go get bolts in the sub-zero
weather once the bolts are removed from the car.

So my question is, do people replace these every time, and can anyone
enlighten me to the bolt size?

Diameter and length would be at minimum a good place to start if anyone
has an idea.

Mason B
78 KZ1000