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Re: Front Seats

It might bee that the back on you drivers seat was replaced if you are 
not the first owner of the car. I had to replace my drivers seat back.... 
the replacement went bad and I had my original back welded and I put it 
back in the car. My seats are heated.. To know if the seat is heated you 
would first look for a switch. You probably don't have one or you 
wouldn't have ask. there shoud be wires comming from the seat back and 
entering the seat bottom somewhere around the seatbelt latch. They are 
usally in a black tube but if the seat has been changed they may not be. 
Also look underneith the seat bottom for the plug that would allow the 
seat to be heated.  
	the  seccond problem.... If both latches are lifting up then the 
cable has not broken. If one of them is not moving themn the cable has 
broken. I am going to guess that it is the lock opposite the lever that 
is not lifting up enough. I fixed mine one on my old seat by taking a 
pair of plyers and removing the end of the cable from the lock, twisting 
it a couple of times and putting it back in.... this shorten it alittle. 
Or you can got find another cable and take the seat cover off and 
replace it that way. 

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