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Help and comments

Hello all.

Just bought a 86 VW Quantum Synchro (part audi) and in the process 
of fixing it all up. Replace shocks with Boges, fixing the brakes, 
etc..Latest problem is the coolant temp led that seems to come on 
randomly. Replace sensor and it still comes on. Coolant level 
looks fine. Is the led telling me something else? The temperature 
gauge shows no overheating. Thoughts? Other than that the car runs 
great here in colorado with foot of snow in my yard. 

BTW, just got back from Singapore (100f temperature 
differential...) where I saw an A4 for the first time-beautiful! 
Car came with 1.6l. Real slow. The go faster version had a 1.8l. 
The 1.6l was on sale for 136k sing dollars (about 100k US). Drove 
around in a friend's WMB 316 and it was also dog slow (105k US). A 
Huyndai is 80k US!

BTW2 (for the oil freaks), at one time I worked on disc drive that 
had a liquid head disc interface. When I used mineral oil in the 
interface it lasted about a minute and when I used PAO 
(poly alpha olefin) it lasted about 100 minutes and when I used 
perfluoropolyethers (about $1500 per gallon) it lasted many 
months. The shear rate in the test is about 1000 times what is in 
a car engine. I converted alot of people here to Mobil 1 based on 
that test.


86 quantum synchro-winter
89 mazda gtus-summer
75 ford f250-for moving parts, dirt, inlaws...