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Quattro's For Sale

Here's a couple of AD's from the SD Tribune: '84 4000 Quattro, red, 4dr,
5sp(of course), sunroof, Original Owner, Xint condition... $2800. (619)
435-5558. Call Eves only

The next one gets even better: '87 5000 Quattro, roof, original owner and
he's only asking $3995. You know what I'm going to do is see how many flames
I get by not posting the crazy persons #. Someone has to agitate this list.
I have not gone to see the condition of these cars. But if they are local
San Diego cars they are probibly in good shape.

I'm on a quest for Audi Radiators. If anyone can help I'll pay ya back some
how. The only qualification is to find the source for the metal Rads.
Alan Stork <astork@cts.com>
4x5000CSQ's   Got'em can't
1xJettaGLX       drive them 
2xSirocco16v    but still lots
1xGTI16v         of good parts 
1x944s             for u 2 drive.