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Repairing/replacing blower motor...

Some where over the past few months I saved a couple of posts from list
members regarding how they replaced/repaired blower motors (heater/AC). I
recently lost these files during a hard drive "mishap", and of coars, now
need them. I've obtained the removal procedure in the archives, but what I'm
looking for refers to 2 possible "shortcuts":

1) A member refered to a method of replacing the brushes without removing the

2) Someone else refered to a method of "cutting off the housing" to access
the motor, then sealing it back on.

I would appreciate if the authors of above could e-mail me with that info,
(or anyone else that would care to add to the standard procedure). Or even if
you want to give me one of those HAHAHA messages, that's OK, too.

Mike Aiello (with black dust on my forehead)
87 5kcsTQ